St. Andrea Áldás 2016


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Reifer, fruchtiger Eger Rotwein

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Áldás is a fruity, soft Bull’s Blood blend from the St. Andrea winery. A kékfrankos-based blend, Áldás is rich with ripe red fruit flavors, combined with a hint of elegant, spicy notes. A great introduction into the world of Egri Bikavér.

Bull’s Blood (bikavér) is a classic red blend usually based on the kékfrankos grape variety. Done well, it is fruity, elegant and refined. While its past quality has earned it a mixed reputation, it is on the comeback as an increasing number of winemakers are now making bikavér to showcase the Eger region’s fruity, elegant and smooth style.

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About the St. Andrea winery

The St. Andrea winery is run by Dr. György Lőrinc, one of Hungary’s best winemakers and former winemaker of the year. The winemaking style of György (nicknamed “Gyuri”) was deeply influenced by his travels through Burgundy, and the winery prides itself in creating refined wines, both red and white, that are true to the soil and traditions of the region.

His eldest son, also Gyuri, has traveled and visited wineries around the world. He has just returned from New Zealand in 2014 and is now bringing his international experience to the family winery.


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