Kikelet Hárslevelű 2017


18,00  / l

Balanced estate selection

Lieferzeit: 1-4 Arbeitstage

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The Kikelet winery’s ‚estate blend‘ is our standard for Hárslevelű wines. It’s wonderfully balanced, full of the fruitiness and richness of the grape, accompanied by good acidity to keep the wine lively. Tropical fruits, honeysuckle, volcanic minerality and an elegant hint of oak make this one of the most accessible and pleasing wines of the 2017 Tokaj vintage.

About the Kikelet winery

Kikelet Winery is a small winery with 5 hectares in the Tokaj region. It’s a husband and wife operation in which Zsolt, who grew up in Tokaj, takes care of the vines, while his wife Stéphanie, originally from France, is in charge of the winemaking. Starting in 2002, they make small batches of fantastic wines (mostly furmint) that are increasing in quality and showing something new with each vintage. Stéphanie was named „Winemaker of Winemakers“ in 2014 in Hungary.