Tokaj 2016

The 2016 Tokaj dry wines have arrived!

The 2016 was a tough vintage full of surprises in Tokaj. The constantly changing weather put the winemakers to test, and most wineries had a relatively small harvest. Now that the wines are here, we’re happy to report that quantity may be low, but the quality of the wines we’ve sampled is impressive. Most wines are crisp and lively, with good acidity and a strong backbone to keep them aging for years.

Here are our top selections from the 2016 dry Tokaj vintage:


32,67 / l

Lieferzeit: 1-5 Arbeitstage

Der berühmte Szepsy-Furmint


61,20 / l

Lieferzeit: 1-5 Arbeitstage

Intensiver Lagenauswahl


24,67 / l

Lieferzeit: 1-5 Arbeitstage

Ausgewogener, eleganter Hárslevelű

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