About Us

BorStore was launched by two wine lovers, Máté and Gábor, in 2015 with one goal: to bring the best Hungarian wines to Berlin and Germany.

Coming from Budapest with a decade of experience in both the Hungarian and the international wine scene, the two were excited about all the changes happening in Hungarian winemaking and wanted to show it to the world. They packed their trunk full of wine in Hungary, launched a small webshop with a handful of selected bottles, organized an opening party in Berlin and held their breath.

Soon after opening the doors, the first guests started trickling in, followed by more and more wine lovers. When a crowd of over a hundred people eventually filled the space and the street, they knew they were on to something. 

Since then, BorStore has grown and evolved, but our aim is the same: to offer a carefully curated selection of Hungarian wines, focusing on the most interesting new wines from Hungary, including natural wines, local grape varieties and young winemakers. With customers throughout Germany and an established network of partner restaurants, wine bars, stores and institutions, we’re proud to have helped bring Hungarian wines into the spotlight and we’re excited to continue on the path we started along with all our customers and friends.