Wine & Culture Pairing: Dúzsi Kékfrankos Rosé & Zagar Concert

Recommendation of the week: a crisp rosé paired with crisp beats.

Wine & Culture at Home: Tanú (‘Witness’) Movie & Figula Olaszrizling

A legendary satirical Hungarian movie paired with our favorite honest everyday wine.

Wine & Culture at Home #11: Moholy-Nagy exhibit & Hummel Kékfrankos 2017

Our tip for today: browse through a Bauhaus legend’s early paintings while sipping on a(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #10: Qualitons & Konyári Cabernet-Syrah 2015

A concert from an internationally-hyped Hungarian rock band, paired with a juicy, robust all-rounder red!

Wine & Culture at Home #9: Bohemian Betyars LIVE & St. Andrea Akutyafáját 2018

A live concert at 5pm by a Hungarian folk punk fiddler band, paired with the(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #8: János Vitéz & Royal Tokaji Late Harvest Cuvée 2017

Tonight: what wine should we match with a fairytale?

Wine & Culture at Home #7: Budapest Festival Orchestra LIVE & Vylyan Montenuovo 2015

Today, we recommend a live concert from the Budapest Festival Orchestra, paired with Vylyan Montenuovo,(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #6: Félix Lajkó & Losonci Pinot Noir 2017

Today’s Hungarian wine and culture pairing for home: energetic folk-jazz with a smooth natural pinot(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #5: Tankcsapda LIVE & Bolyki Bikavér 2016

Hungary’s most successful rock band is giving a live concert tonight online at 7pm. Bolyki(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #4: ‘Kontroll’ Movie & Hummel Bernstein Hárslevelű 2018

Our latest pairing of the day, inspired by one of our customers: the cult movie(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #3: ‘Wartburg’ Short Movie & Gizella Barát Hárslevelű 2018

Today on the virtual menu: Our movie pick is ‘Wartburg’, a short documentary by David(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #2: Vera Jónás & Gilvesy Bohém 2018

Vera Jónás is a popular Hungarian singer who combines soul, funk, jazz and other influences(...) Weiterlesen »

WIne & Culture at Home # 1: Allegro Barbaro & Heimann Barbár 2017

Today’s recommendation for those staying at home: Allegro Barbaro & Heimann Barbár 2017.