Wine & Culture at Home #8: János Vitéz & Royal Tokaji Late Harvest Cuvée 2017

Tonight: what wine should we match with a fairytale?

Our tip for today is a 1973 cartoon remake of the fairytale János Vitéz (‘John the Valiant’), written by Hungary’s national poet, Sándor Petőfi. The story follows the mythical adventures of ‘Johnny Corn‘ on his way to find his love. Due to its mix of Hungarian folk motives and 1970s-style surrealism as well as its road movie plot, the movie is often compared to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, which was released shortly prior.

The wine to match? None other than the lively sweet Late Harvest Cuvée from the Royal Tokaji winery. With a golden color and rich style full of tropical fruits, joneysuckle and beeswax, this is the wine to pair with a fairytale. Made from naturally sweet late harvest grapes and aged in steel tanks, it shows the complexity of sweet Tokaji wines with a fun and fresh twist.

Watch the movie here (with English subtitles),

and check out the wine below: