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The Heimann estate is one of the most well-known small producers in Szekszárd. The Heimanns, a family with Swabian roots, have been making wine in Szekszárd since the 18th century. After the end of communism, Zoltán Heimann and his wife Ágnes reestablished the family winery. Their son, also Zoltán, recently graduated from Geisenheim University, and after gaining experience abroad, he is now playing an increasingly important role in the operations of the winery.

On the one hand, they are putting a lot of effort into understanding their soil and grape varieties, for example by growing and testing different varieties of the kadarka variety, which was once a major grape variety in Hungary. On the other hand, they are experimenting with little-known and interesting grape varieties from all over the world, such as sagrantino and tannat, creating wines that blend new flavors with the traditionally rich and vibrant Szekszárd style.

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Classic yet modern, bold red blend.


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Elegant, soft Kadarka


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Layered and intense Kékfrankos


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Contemporary, smooth Kékfrankos


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Modern classic red from Heimann


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A rich, ripe best-buy from Szekszárd.