Homola Winery: A Taste of Lake Balaton’s Terroir

We’re thrilled to introduce Homola winery, a rising star in the world of Hungarian wines, to our selection. Situated in the charming village of Paloznak, Homola Winery’s estate center overlooks historic vineyards that grace the rolling hills. With grapevines spread over 15 hectares from Tihany to Alsóörs, Homola Winery showcases the unique terroir of Lake Balaton.

Homola’s wines draw their essence from the enchanting landscapes around Lake Balaton, renowned for producing fresh, crisp, and lively wines. What sets Homola apart is an extra touch of refinement and complexity in their wines, elevating them beyond the typical Lake Balaton experience.

The Homola Winery story started in 2006 when Szabolcs Homola set out to create something new and exceptional at the Lake Balaton. Their state-of-the-art winery is encircled by storied vineyards steeped in history.

Homola’s wines are a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, crafted by head winemaker Attila Homonna. Attila, known for his extraordinary small-batch natural wines with minimal intervention in Tokaj, is the creative genius behind Homola’s winemaking.

Respecting the rich wine traditions of the region, the Homola winery places Olaszrizling at the forefront, the heartbeat of their collection. Their other main grape varieties are Kékfrankos, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. Homola crafts wines that pay homage to Hungarian heritage while creating something new and unique.

We’ve added three wines from Homola to our selection:

  • The Homola Sauvignon Blanc is an elegant and lively wine that grows on you with every sip.
  • The Homola Olaszrizling is the opposite of a typical local Olaszrizling wines: rich, juicy, and delightfully oily, it’s packed with plenty of substance and flavor.
  • Finally, the Homola Kékfrankos is a soft and smooth red at only 12% alcohol, with delightful autumn forest notes and a gluggable style.

We’re looking forward to sharing these wines with you!