A Thousand Years of Wine: Pannonhalma’s Winemaking Legacy

Pannonhalma Abbey, located in northwestern Hungary, is a historic Benedictine monastery that has stood the(...) Weiterlesen »

BorStore Wine Tastings are Back!

UPDATE: View all of our upcoming tastings and events here! Wow, it’s really been a(...) Weiterlesen »

Presenting Paprika & Friends

Looking for more Hungarian specialties? We’re happy to introduce our sister site Paprika & Friends,(...) Weiterlesen »

New Tasting Series in Berlin!

UPDATE: View all of our upcoming tastings and events here! Our wine tastings are finally(...) Weiterlesen »

We now deliver to Austria and Denmark!

We’re happy to announce that we now ship internationally! To start with, we now deliver(...) Weiterlesen »

Hungary: A New Home for Cabernet Franc

When we talk about grape varieties, we usually separate the ‘international’ grape varieties ( think(...) Weiterlesen »

Sparkling Wine Guide

Frizzante, sparkling wine, effervesent wine, pét nat – you might have heard all of these(...) Weiterlesen »

Light Hungarian Red Wines

Whenever we’re between seasons and the weather is somewhere between sunny summer and cold winter,(...) Weiterlesen »

Impressions from Tokaj

(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine Tasting at Badehaus Berlin Sept 18!

Hungarian Wine Tastings are back! Join us at Badehaus Berlin for a Saturday afternoon full(...) Weiterlesen »

Award-Winning Hungarian Wines 2021

The Decanter World Wine Award (DWWA) is one of the largest and most influential wine(...) Weiterlesen »

Winery in Focus: Kristinus

The Kristinus Wine Estate is a new winery that has been making waves recently. Even(...) Weiterlesen »

New wines from 2020

The first wines from the new vintage have arrived!(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture Pairing: Dúzsi Kékfrankos Rosé & Zagar Concert

Recommendation of the week: a crisp rosé paired with crisp beats.(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home: Tanú (‘Witness’) Movie & Figula Olaszrizling

A legendary satirical Hungarian movie paired with our favorite honest everyday wine.(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #11: Kurtág Opera & Balassa Nyulászó Furmint 2010

Two contemporary masterpieces paired.(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #11: Moholy-Nagy exhibit & Hummel Kékfrankos 2017

Our tip for today: browse through a Bauhaus legend’s early paintings while sipping on a(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #10: Qualitons & Konyári Cabernet-Syrah 2015

A concert from an internationally-hyped Hungarian rock band, paired with a juicy, robust all-rounder red!(...) Weiterlesen »

Györgykovács vs. Quarantine

New series: Györgykovács vs. Quarantine!(...) Weiterlesen »

Wine & Culture at Home #9: Bohemian Betyars LIVE & St. Andrea Akutyafáját 2018

A live concert at 5pm by a Hungarian folk punk fiddler band, paired with the(...) Weiterlesen »