Winery in Focus: Kristinus

The Kristinus Wine Estate is a new winery that has been making waves recently. Even though it’s still in its early years, it’s already become the largest organic winemaking project in the country.

Since its founding in 2015 in Kéthely, just south of Lake Balaton, the winery has been moving forward steadily on its path towards biodynamic cultivation. All parts of the vineyard will be certified organic starting from 2021. Since the estate grows grapes on 62 hectares and has an additional 30 hectares of pastures and orchards, this will make it the largest organic winery in Hungary.

The philosophy of Kristinus Winery is to have the smallest ecological footprint and to intervene with nature as little as possible. They firmly believe that the best grape can only come from nutrient-rich, healthy soil, without any chemical sprays or fertilizers, and that the best wine is made with minimal human intervention. They are a professional team who make amazingly flavorful, solid and clean wines across their whole range.

We’re happy to introduce some of their first wines to our selection: a thirst-quenching unfiltered Irsai Olivér and Zenit that are perfect for summer afternoons, a fruity Pet Nat (also made from Zenit) that will be the highlight of any balcony dinner, and a round, juicy and layered orange wine called Liquid Sundowner (LSD) that’s sure to be a crowd favorite!