Wine & Culture at Home #4: ‘Kontroll’ Movie & Hummel Bernstein Hárslevelű 2018

Our latest pairing of the day, inspired by one of our customers: the cult movie Kontroll by Nimród Antal, paired with Horst Hummel’s Bernstein Hárslevelű.

The movie is a visually unique comedy-thriller filmed in the old metro tunnels of Budapest following a group of ticket controllers, with a lot of allegorical connotations about self-control and losing your place. With a beating soundtrack and fascinating imagery of the labyrinth beneath the city, its special mood and topics fit these times well. A young director at the time, Nimród Antal has gone on to direct Hollywood thrillers such as Vacancy and Predators.

Our recommendation for a wine to go with a movie like this is none other than the Hummel Bernstein Hárslevelű. A wine made with wild fermentation, aged for 5 months on the lees, unfined, unfiltered and without sulfites – talk about losing control! Horst Hummel makes his wines with minimal human intervention, and this is a wonderful natural wine with a juicy, rich style and a light “orange” note that stays balanced even with its ‘wild’ touch.

Watch the movie on the streaming services or on YouTube in Hungarian,

and buy the wine here! 🙂