Wine & Culture at Home #11: Moholy-Nagy exhibit & Hummel Kékfrankos 2017

Our tip for today: browse through a Bauhaus legend’s early paintings while sipping on a glass of natural Kékfrankos from Villány!

László Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian artist and professor who was a key figure of the Bauhaus movement. In the 1920s, he moved from Hungary to Berlin and later Dessau to teach at the Bauhaus school. He was an innovator in the fields of photography, typography, printmaking, industrial design and more. The Collegium Hungaricum Berlin recently organized an exhibit showing his early paintings that were made before his focus turned to other art forms, along with works from his contemporaries. The exhibit is now online in interactive form.

And the wine to match? A smooth, natural red wine from the Kékfrankos grape variety. Horst Hummel’s story is also about connecting Hungary and Berlin, but the other way around: a Berliner by origin, Horst established his winery in Villány and has been producing exceptional wines with minimal human intervention, as close to nature as possible. His mild, smooth Kékfrankos is just the wine to sit back, relax and enjoy art with in your home.

Check out the exhibit in 3D interactive form or as a photo report,

and order the wine here: