Wine & Culture at Home #3: ‘Wartburg’ Short Movie & Gizella Barát Hárslevelű 2018

Today on the virtual menu: Our movie pick is ‘Wartburg’, a short documentary by David Borbás about an attempted post office robbery with a Wartburg car. And to go with it, we’ve chosen the Gizella Barát Hárslevelű 2018.

‘Wartburg’ is a hilarious, yet quite dark, documentary that jumps back and forth between a silly story and the underlying dark, serious sociological background behind it.

Gizella Barát Hárslevelű is the wine to match: a white wine that’s pleasingly fruity and vibrant on the surface, but with each sip, it reveals more and more of the complex minerality of the Tokaj wine region’s mountains.

Watch the ‘Wartburg’ movie here!

You can buy the wine here 🙂