Wine & Culture at Home #6: Félix Lajkó & Losonci Pinot Noir 2017

Today’s Hungarian wine and culture pairing for home: energetic folk-jazz with a smooth natural pinot noir!

Félix Lajkó is a Hungarian violinist and citera (zither) player with a unique style influenced by Central European folk music, jazz and improvised melodies. His concerts are a mesmerizing display of talent and raw energy.

Our pairing recommendation for a Félix Lajkó concert is a bottle of Losonci Pinot Noir, a soft and juicy natural red wine from the round Mátra hills. Unfiltered and unfined, with a down-to-earth smooth fruitiness, this is a lively but not overpowering wine that matches the energy of the concert from the beginning to the end.

Watch a concert from the Hungarian Palace of Arts here!

And check out the wine here: