WIne & Culture at Home # 1: Allegro Barbaro & Heimann Barbár 2017

Today’s recommendation for those staying at home: Allegro Barbaro & Heimann Barbár 2017.

Allegro Barbaro was composed in 1911 by Béla Bartók, one of Hungary’s greatest composers, as a response to critics who said his music was too rough and raw. The result, a piano piece based on Hungarian and Romanian folk music, is both powerful and elegant at the same time.

Heimann’s Barbár is based on the same philosophy: an intense, rich yet elegant red blend of merlot, cabernet franc, tannat and kékfrankos that is memorable for its restrained power.

Watch a 15-minute compilation of Bartók, Dohnányi and Liszt pieces played by Ádám Szokolay at the Bartók World Competition 2019, ending with Allegro Barbaro, here.

And order Heimann Barbár online here!