Hungarian Wine Table #1

The best wines of Hungary, tasted, discussed and dissected. One table, 9 wines, max. 20 participants.

 March 2, 7pm, Szimpla Kaffeehaus Budapest (Gärtnerstraße 15, Berlin)
Sitting around one big table, we’ll explore Hungarian wine regions, talk about the wineries and their wines, and see where Hungarian wine culture stands today. Learn what drives our favorite winemakers forward and taste the best of Hungary today.

Main topics of the first session:

Top white wines of the Tokaj region + Bikavér (Bull’s Blood) red blends
 Hungary’s most famous white wine region and its indigenous grape varieties, followed by the many faces of Hungary’s classic red wine blend. It doesn’t get much better than this! 
The wine list:

-Kikelet Kassai Hárslevelű 2015
-Balassa Nyúlászó Furmint 2016
-Gizella Szil-völgy Furmint-Hárslevelű 2016
-Szt. Tamás Percze Furmint 2013

-Bolyki Egri Bikavér 2015
-Heimann Szekszárdi Bikavér 2015
-Bolyki & Bolyki Bikavér Superior 2011
-St. Andrea Merengő Bikavér Superior 2013

-Degenfeld 5 puttonyos Aszú 2014

Unlike our wine party series, we’ll discuss the details of where and how each wine is made in a relaxed setting, answering any questions you might have, making sure nothing remains hidden.
No previous wine knowledge necessary – start with the basics and become an expert in Hungarian wine by the end of the evening!
Location: Szimpla Café, Gärtnerstraße 15, 10245 Berlin
Price: €25, including:
-8 wines to taste
-In-depth explanation and discussion
-Cold cuts, snacks and spreads by Szimpla
PLUS: 5% off and free delivery on all orders placed on the spot!
Places are limited, please sign up using the form below.
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