Hungarian Wine Seminar #1 on October 2

When: October 2nd 2019, 7pm

Price: €29 per person


It’s time to talk about Hungarian wine! (And to drink it, of course.)

We love our Friday wine tastings and the casual mood, but many of you have asked for the chance to sit down, taste and discuss Hungarian wines and try some of the special bottles in our selection. Well, this is the chance!

We’ll take you through the most important wine regions and grape varieties in Hungary, focusing on areas such as Tokaj, Somló, Eger and Villány, and tasting unique grape varieties such as Furmint, Hárslevelű and Kékfrankos. We’ll cover geography, history and culture get to know what makes Hungarian winemaking special.

Along with 8 top Hungarian wines to try, the tasting includes delicious food platters and Hungarian cold cuts from CARGO gastronomia to match.

No previous knowledge necessary, the event is suitable for everyone, from beginner to wine expert. The main language is English, but we’ll be translating to German as well.

Spaces are limited, please register at, 01577 0543424 or below!
P.S.: The following day is a holiday!
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