Piros Béka Winemaker Evening & Oxtail Soup – 29 November

Special event on Berlin’s natural wine weekend!

We’ve invited Rudy Proske, the winemaker at Piros Béka winery in Villány and all-around great guy, to come and show us his wines and tell us all about his winemaking.

Having bought a house and grapevines in a small town, Kisjakabfalva in 2003, Rudy and his wife Mariana started with zero experience, but now they are already making some remarkable wines. They produce elegant, honest wines on 2 hectares, with natural techniques and minimal human intervention. So far, his wines can hardly be found in stores, so grab this chance to taste these exciting wines!

As for food, we’re cooking up a big pot of homemade classic oxtail soup to make sure you leave warm and full! See you there!

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