Bolyki: fresh blood from Eger

Between all the old-fashioned, sleepy wineries that line the Eger region, János “Jani” Bolyki’s winery stands out like a UFO. Creative and unconventional, he seemingly has more energy than half of the wine region combined. He’s the kind of guy who organizes concerts and parties at his winery after working in the vineyard all day, and he’s known to DJ late into the night when in the mood. His wines have fun and wacky names and labels, all matching his light-hearted, friendly personality. 

When it comes to winemaking, it’s all serious business, though. Jani is a trained agricultural engineer who grew up with the winery and has been making wines since 2003. In his stunning winery, carved into a massive limestone cliff, he makes his wines with minimal intervention and with great care for the grapes. He ferments his wines using natural yeasts and bottles most of his wines unfiltered.

Bolyki’s mix of grape varieties, both local (Kékfrankos, Blauburger, Kadarka, Királyleányka etc.) and international (Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc etc.), is quite typical of Eger. His wines follow the general winemaking style of the region, but somehow, each of his wines have a fresh and lively character that make them feel a world apart from other Eger wines. His wines have a distinctly youthful and modern touch, putting a new twist on Eger’s classic style.


9,20 / l

Delivery time: 1-5 working days

Lively, fruity white wine


Delivery time: 1-5 working days

Elegant and youthful Eger blend


15,87 / l

Delivery time: 1-5 working days

Bold Cabernet Franc selection


Delivery time: 1-5 working days

Modern, rich Eger red wine.